Golf is a game that demands continuous hard work and improvements on every stage of the handicap. A professional golfer also needs to upgrade his skills. Constant practice on these skills will improve his game. 

Being a mid-handicapper, you should choose a new driver that helps you to improve your game and continuously upgrade your skills.

There are best golf drivers for mid handicappers listed below –

Best golf drivers

#Best Golf DriversOur RatingCheck Out
1TaylorMade M4 Driver4.7 out of 5Check Price
2Cobra King F8 Driver4.5 out of 5Check Price
3Callaway Rogue Driver4.6 out of 5Check Price
4TaylorMade RBZ Black4.4 out of 5Check Price
5Callaway Epic Flash4.5 out of 5Check Price

TaylorMade M4 Driver- Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers

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The TaylorMade M4 Driver is one of the best drivers among mid handicappers because of its new technology and excellent engineering. The material used in it is graphite, which makes it lighter.

The company of the product is a trusted company in the field of golf drivers. It comes with both left and right-hand configurations for men as well as women. The new face technology corrects the off-center hits, and it increases distance, the speed, at last, produces a good shot.

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The golf club flex and shafts are adjustable, which makes it extremely beneficial. The golf club loft can also be adjusted, varying 9.5, 10.5, and 12.5 degrees. The head size is 460cc. 

The driver is not much expensive for the ones who want a quality product while playing the game.

• Reduced side spin
• Adjustability features 
• Large sweet spot
• Variety in options
• More costly than other drivers
Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers

Cobra Golf King F8 Driver

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This great driver offers great forgiveness and adaptability.

Ultralight Crown-A lighter 5-ply carbon fiber crown allows more weight to be placed lower down in the driver’s head; hence, CG moves deeper and lower, maximizing the distance and increasing forgiveness.

The Cobra F8 driver comes with adjustable settings; two CG positions in the back and heel by adjusting to Optimize Trajectories and tune your distance.

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It comes with 360 Aero Technology, in this aero trips are positioned around the perimeter of the clubhead and gives a more streamlined shape that optimizes aerodynamic performance to reduce the drag in areas of the swing to increase golf clubhead speed for maximum distance.

Traditionally drivers were polished by hand, but this new Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Driver is fully machined driver’s face is CNC milled to achieve precise thickness. 

Due to this Innovative RMOTO technology, the driver’s face is 3% thinner and 10% lighter, which increases the golf ball speeds and covers more distance.

In this driver, three-shaft options are available-

  • Aldelia 60 gm
  • Aldelia 65 gm
  • Tensei 50 gm

Aldelia 60 and 65 gm shaft are stiff, and Tensei 50 gm is lighter in weight to generate more clubhead pace without any extra amount of force.

• Optimized trajectory with Dual Roll Technology
• Great forgiveness and adaptability
• High launch and low spin launch
• Precision Face Thickness
• Ultralight Carbon Fiber Crown
• Lightweight Ti-8-1-1 Body & Forged E9 Face
• Generates a slightly higher ball flight
• Some complaints about adjustment tools

Callaway Golf Rogue Driver

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Callaway rouge driver comes with legendary jailbreak technology, which helps to get more accuracy with additional golf ball speed and makes it one of the best for the mid handicappers.

It comes with excellent aerodynamics, which helps achieve exceptional ball speed after impact.

Its advanced carbon composite club head gives the golfers a great sweet spot with the golf clubhead’s largest surface area, helping the high handicappers.

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It comes with weight adjustment. We can change the golf ball’s flight with the help of changing the weight located on the club’s heel.

• Jailbreak technology
• Incredibly aerodynamic
• Offers great forgiveness and stability
• Adjustable loft sleeve
• Great for high handicappers
• Doesn’t have a moveable weight system
• High on price
a golf driver with golf ball

TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver

The TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black is for those who have a slow swing speed and are new at the mid-handicap level. This driver offers a lightweight shaft, and the material used is graphite.

This product comes with a clubhead size of 460cc. It will give you more confidence when you hit the ball more squarely on the large sweet spot. The golf club loft is adjustable up to 18 degrees.

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It comes with left and right-hand orientations, and the shaft flex is stiff. This company is highly respected and popular among golfers all around the world. The speed pocket gives it a high launch and increased distance. It also reduces the spin, making it easier to hit. 

If you want to play a better game with a good driver, you should prefer this product. It is is the most affordable product in the market right now.

• Affordable
• Adjustable
• Lightweight
• Available for left and right-hand
• Not available for women

Callaway Epic Flash Driver

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Callaway seems to be a famous brand in the world of golf equipment among all golfers. It’s a beginner golf driver that will allow achieving great distance from the tee while being consistent.

Callaway’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver is having Jailbreak Technology.

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Jailbreak Technology highlights two slender, parallel, and 3-gram titanium rods. It gives the golfers more power of impact into the golf balls; hence, it becomes the most forgiving driver, helping to achieve the desired distance. Jailbreak Technology increases ball speeds over a larger surface area to increase the average range.

It has two interchangeable weights in the head (2g and 12g) to adjust spin-rate and launch angle, and Four high-performance Stock shaft options are available with it.

The shaft is lightweight graphite.

• Adjustability
• Improved swing speed and distance
• Maximum forgiveness and Lower Spin
• Four high-performance shafts 
• Jailbreak Technology
• Some complaints of no headcover
• Some need more adjustability
best golf drivers for mid handicappers

Things to consider before making a decision

Design & feel

The look and performance of the driver also depend on its design. The look of the golf clubs instills confidence in the golfer and improves his/her game. A driver that the golfer knows well or practices with is an essential factor because it will make them perform well, and the golf clubs allows you to relax and focus on the task you want to do.

Feel is vital in mid handicap drivers because these give instant feedback or reply to its user after every shot. A good driver of a popular will acknowledge you after impact with the golf balls. The driver’s feedback plays a crucial part in deciding or changing the golfer’s mental state. When a terrible sound comes after the impact, it is the feedback that asks you to make adjustments to your club.


The shaft plays a critical role in selecting a driver because it directly impacts your performance. At first, you have to identify your swing speed and skill level. After that, you can choose a shaft based on it. The best shafts available in the market are extra stiff shaft, stiff flex shaft, regular flex shaft, senior flex shaft, and ladies’ flex shafts. It is all up to you and your skills that you want to select lighter or heavier shafts. The shaft length also plays a good role while choosing a driver. It totally depends on the person’s height.

Loft options

There are different degrees of loft available for drives. You have to select an ideal loft for yourself. In this area, most golfers make mistakes, so it is better to consult with an expert instead of buying the wrong one.

The golf drivers usually come with the loft range of 9-12 degrees, but drivers are available with 8.5 degrees loft and more than 13 degrees loft. The most preferred loft is 10.5 degrees. If you want flexibility, then you can choose a driver with adjustability features to change the loft according to your game.


Adjustability is the first thing that strikes an individual’s mind when looking for a driver. The commonly available adjustments in the adjustable hosel are made in loft angles and moveable weights.

The adjustability is very useful for golfers. Adjustable weights can provide a player the draw, fade, or neutral ball flight. If a golfer is unable to perform well, a change in weights can lead to a significant difference.


For mid handicappers, a driver with forgiveness is essential because it helps the ball reach a specific area. The golf clubs with a massive clubhead might have more forgiveness as compared to others. The larger sweet spot increases the possibilities for the shot to go in the desired direction.

In this case, before selecting a driver, you should take advice from professionals and try some drivers before choosing the best one for you. The mis-hits can be corrected for a beginner and reduced for intermediate and advanced golfers.

Distance and control

After hitting a shot, the golf ball’s final destination depends on the driver’s distance and control quality. If you don’t have these qualities or miss one of them, then you can’t perform well at this handicap level.

Getting success in the mid handicap level depends upon your ability to gain stokes. Control and distance can be improved by selecting a suitable driver for you. The clubhead’s weight distribution also plays a crucial role in the shot’s distance and control.


Your willingness to improve your game will decide the price of the driver. If you want to improve your game to its best, you can go for a high-end driver with great features. But there is a fact neither the driver nor the coach can improve your game. It’s only you who can improve, but a better product can help you improve faster.

If you are low in budget you can go for best cheap golf driver available in the market.

If you are comfortable with a driver, you should purchase it, neglecting the amount—it all up to you and your choices and decisions regarding your game. The more the quality, the more will be the price, but the product’s price will add quality to the product and your play.

Questions & Answers

Questions Answers

1.What loft driver should a mid handicapper use?

A mid handicapper should use a driver with a loft between 10-11.5. It would be a better starting point. The high spin loft is produced when you hit down on the ball. So, it is preferred to use a low loft to reduce the ball spin and increase the distance.

2.What is considered a mid handicapper?

The mid handicapper is a golfer who plays off a handicap around 10-18. It means the player always breaks the 90s every other round or shoots in the ’80s every round. It is a wide range, but the goal is to break 90 regularly or break 80.
There is a very small or negligible difference between low, mid, and high, but we all know the position of ourselves where we fall.

3.What’s the difference between drivers and woods?

Generally, woods are used to hit long shots. When the golf hole is 450 yards away from the green. It is recommended to use your woods when you are around 175 yards from the green. The driver(wood) has the lowest loft.
A driver is used to hit what is called a drive. It is hit off a raised golf tee and is the first of a long hole. It is also the longest driver during a round of golf. Woods are different from drivers, but a driver is the same thing as one wood.

4.For a mid-handicapper, should I get my driver custom-fitted?

Yes, you should. Custom fitting your driver is the best way to set yourself up for success for your next round of golf. A custom-fitted driver is only suitable for a mid-handicapper when you are satisfied by your performance and need to upgrade your game to the next level.
A beginner in mid handicap should avoid using custom drivers because it will be more complicated for you to understand these things at a beginner level.

5.Should a mid handicapper use a 10.5 or 9.5 loft?

Mid handicappers should use a driver with a loft of 10.5. The higher- lofted driver is typically a better choice for an amateur golfer. Generally, a 9.5-degree driver is used by low handicap golfers to keep the shot low. A 10.5-degree driver gives you a higher loft and more distance that is suitable for mid handicappers.
The higher the loft is, the easier it to hit the sweet spot on the clubface to send the ball straight. For mid handicappers, The straighter shot is always better than a higher shot.

6.What Mid Handicappers Should Look for In A Driver?

A mid handicapper should look for a driver with the latest technology, as he needs to improve the game over time to improve his handicap. The loft is significant while choosing a driver. A mid handicapper should look for a loft around 10.5 degrees.
You can look for a driver that remains at the top year after year because it has something unique from other drivers.  

7.Which features make a driver a good choice for mid-handicap players?

The features that make a driver best for the mid-handicappers are low-loft and less shaft flex. A driver that is forgiving on off-center hits is also an essential feature for mid-handicap golfers.
A mid-handicappers should choose A driver that forgives bad shots and maintains the required distance for a golfer. A driver that also gives a better swing speed is also essential for hitting the second shot.

Bottom Line

I hope we have helped you choose one golf club, which may help you get those shots you always wanted to play. All you need to do is understand the main critical factors before making any selection. 

Choosing a driver is not an easy task because all the best drivers we have reviewed in this guide are best in their price range. But overall, after reviewing different drivers, we have chosen TaylorMade M4 Driver as a winner of the best golf drivers for mid handicappers.

If you agree with me, make sure to check it out on Amazon and check its unique features to help you out on course.

The technology and the engineering used in this driver makes it best amongst mid handicappers. The large sweet spot makes it more forgiving and reduces sidespin on off-center hits. The adjustability features make it stand out.

Let me know your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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Happy Golfing.

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