Welcome to our guide. Here’s a listing of some of the top drivers for women with reviews and some other essential factors that can be taken into account while purchasing golf drivers.

Can’t wait! Here is the list of best golf drivers for women:

  1. Best Golf Driver for Women- Cobra women’s F-Max driver
  2. Best Adjustable Women’s Driver- Callaway golf epic flash driver
  3. Most Forgiving Women’s Driver- Cobra speedzone Xtreme women’s driver
  4. Best Value Driver for Women- Callaway rogue women’s driver
  5. Best Cheap Golf Driver for Women- Pinemeadow golf PGX driver

There are huge discussions in the field of golf clubs and other equipment related to it. You have to choose wisely from the products available in the market.

#Best Golf DriverOur RatingCheck Out
1Cobra F-Max driver4.6 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
2Callaway epic flash driver4.5 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
3Cobra speed zone Xtreme driver4.5 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
4Callaway Rogue driver4.2 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
5Pinemeadow PGX driver4.3 out of 5Check Price on Amazon

Best women’s golf drivers

Following is a review of the five drivers which are most suitable and useful for a women golfer.

1.Cobra Women’s F-Max Offset Driver- best golf drivers for women

Cobra Women's F-Max Driver

The Cobra F-Max Driver is most suitable for the ones who don’t have high swing speeds. According to my research and experience, it is one of the best in the market for ladies golfers. It helps the golfer with a low or moderate swing.

It comes with an offset design that enables you to launch the golf balls higher and straighter. The golf club loft is about 15 degrees, which is quite good. The length of the product is 44.25, and the weight is C5. It might be the lightest and most forgiving driver ever.

Check Price on Amazon

The product has a larger grip and a more lightweight shaft. It makes the club comfortable and effective. The F-max driver features a Titanium 6-4 face. It delivers improved golf ball speeds on off-center hits. It has a lower center of gravity towards the heel, which helps in straighter hits and makes it more forgiving.

You will get the straighter golf ball flight by a crown aligned club head(460cc). This driver fits your budget, looks attractive, and enhances the beauty of your game. 

• Titanium 6-4 face
• Offset hosel design
• Forgiving
• Low center of gravity
• Lightweight graphite shaft
• Crown alignment feature
• Not adjustable
best golf drivers for women

2.Callaway Golf Epic Flash Driver

Callaway Golf Epic Flash Driver

The Callaway Golf Epic Flash Driver is an updated model. This product is lightweight, which adds to your clubhead speed and ball speed. The shaft material is graphite(40-60g), and the golf club loft is about 10.5 degrees with a regular shaft.

The new flash face technology and jailbreak technology produce more ball speed and distance. The driver is incredibly forgiving and adjustable, making you more comfortable during play.

Check Price on Amazon

I have experience in this field, and I am shocked after seeing its accuracy and quality. It comes with a warranty of 2 years. The head volume is 460cc, and the club length is 45.5 inches, making it suitable for ladies.

The swing weight is d3. The grip is also excellent and large, making it fit for all. It might be the best women’s golf driver with such adjustability. 

• Adjustable sliding weight
• Flash face technology
• Jailbreak technology
• Graphite shaft
• Carbon crown material
• High price tag
• No head cover

3.Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Women’s Driver

Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Women's Driver

The Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Women’s Driver is one of the easiest clubs to hit. I will put my views by saying that this is the driver you are waiting for if you want a high launch. It produces a higher launch with no or least spin. It might be the most forgiving driver.

This product is fast as well as straight, with six zones of optimized speed. It uses a carbon wrap crown, which covers half the club body making it stiff and lightweight. Its aerodynamics gives it more power and stability.

Check Price on Amazon

The weight swing is C5, and the golf club loft is 12.5 degrees with adjustable angles, making it one of the best golf drivers for women.

The graphite shaft and wrap grip make it more comfortable for you. The weight is placed wider in the clubhead, and it comes with 6gm of interchangeable weight on the sole. It is a bit expensive, but the amount of features makes it one of the best drivers in the price range. 

• Forgiveness with improved stability
• Adjustability features
• Lightweight graphite shaft
• CNC Milled Infinity Face
• 360 Carbon Wrap Crown
• Expensive in price
• No moveable weight

4.Callaway Rogue Women’s Driver

Callaway Rogue Women's Driver

The Callaway rogue women’s driver might be the best based on its performance and technology. The jailbreak technology used in this helps to get out of rough patches on the golf course. With this product, you can look for easy launches, straighter, and longer shots.

It is a product of a respected brand that has been in this field for years. The material used is graphite, and the material used in the shaft is Quaranta, which makes it lighter.

Check Price on Amazon

The driver’s length is 45.5 inches, and the head volume is 460cc. It is exceptional golf ball speed and drives outstanding performance. The item weighs 244 grams, the swing weight is D3, and the golf club loft is 10.5 degrees.

The product offers premium shaft selection at 40g, 50g, 60g, and 70g weights. Although this product is available in a higher price range, it delivers what it promises.

• Jailbreak technology
• Higher MOI and Forgiveness
• Premium Quaranta shaft
• Forgiving
• Industry-leading Boeing Aero Package
• Not adjustable
• Higher price side
women on golf course

5.Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Driver

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX Driver might be for the beginners who love golf then this is a good start. If you are a good player, then I would prefer to look for other products. This club is truly for beginners.

It gives you a huge sweet spot, which helps you a better launch and the right amount of forgiveness. It will help the new golfers in learning the game in a better way. It comes with an offset design that makes you hit the ball straighter, longer, and accurate. A headcover also comes with it to protect from external damages.

Check Price on Amazon

The golf club loft is 10.5 degrees, and the head size is 460cc. The material used is Ti-alloy, and the shaft is made up of graphite. It is available in both left hand /right hand (left hand’s cost is slightly more).

It is one of the most affordable clubs for the ones who want to learn and are new.

• Cheap in price
• Large sweet spot
• Offset driver
• Comes with headcover
• Good for beginners only
• Not adjustable

Things to look for when buying a golf driver

Head Size & design

A larger head is exceptional while taking a shot. It gives you more mass, which is an excellent factor in providing more power to the ball. Large head size also gives you a big sweet spot for hitting the golf balls. A large sweet spot is suitable for beginner ladies trying to hit the ball straighter.

The look, as well as the performance of the driver, also depends upon the head design. The face flash, hybrids, and jailbreak are some design technologies that are popular and useful during play.


The swing is a crucial factor in determining the height of the ball. Most of the amateur lady players have slower swing speeds. For such lady golfers, there is an alternative to buying a driver that has a higher loft.

Driver loft varies from 8 to 13 degrees, but a 10.5 degrees loft is ideal for a golfer. A driver with a lot of 12 degrees is quite familiar to female golfers. You can buy a driver with an adjustable loft.

Shaft Weight & Flex

Among clubs, drivers have more flexibility than others, but as a consequence, golf ball flight gets affected. You should pick a shaft with proper research and study because its flexibility affects your results.

Most females have slower swing speeds, so they need more flex in their shafts. Shaft weight also impacts your swing. A lighter shaft is excellent for women. They can swing faster with a more lightweight shaft than a heavy shaft.

The ideal length of the shaft for women is 44inches. The material commonly used in a ladies’ driver is graphite, which makes the shaft lighter.

woman playing golf


Currently, most of the drivers come with adjustable clubheads. An adjustable driver helps to enhance the golfer’s comfort and performance. The things that can be adjusted are loft, weight, shaft, etc.

Adjustability features in a driver allow you to adjust it according to your performance on the course and get the best result.


Before this advanced technology, there were more chances of mis-hit and other problems. With the advancement of technology and the use of machines in manufacturing the product, there is advancement in clubhead design and forgiveness.

Even if you mis-hit the golf ball with a forgiving club, you will still get the desired results.


In golf drivers, there are many different styles of grip. The experts recommend the grip for golf drivers with which you feel more comfortable. Some grips perform well in bad weather conditions too. I recommend such grips with stability in your moments and shots.


If you are not willing to spend more on new golf drivers, I prefer you to buy the drivers in the market in 2years. There are changes in the clubs but few changes in technology and other factors. you can easily buy the cheap golf drivers available on the market.

If you are serious about your game, buying a golf club set is always a better choice. Purchasing a Best Women’s Golf Club set will help you save your hard-earned couple of hundreds.

Frequently asked questions for golf drivers

Questions Answers
  • What degree driver should a woman use?

    A woman golfer should choose a driver with a loft of 12 to 16 degrees or more.
    Women should use a higher lofted driver because women usually have a slow swing, leading to low ball speed. Most of the international brands make ladies drivers with higher lofts. A female usually has swing speed at an average of 64mph.

  • What is the best driver for a woman?

    According to our research, the best driver for women is Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Driver. It is a forgiving and high lofted driver. Also, adjustability features make it the best driver for ladies. This driver is lighter in weight, which will help to create good swing and ball speed. The length of the driver is suitable for a woman.

  • Who should use a senior flex driver?

    A golfer with a slow swing speed should use a senior flex driver, whether it is a senior golfer or a lady golfer, or a man golfer.
    The senior flex might be used by the one who usually hits the ball between 180 to 220 yards and has a swing speed of 60 to 75 mph. It is popular among aged players.

  • How do I know what flex shaft I need?

    It is best to choose the flex shaft according to your swing speed. You can choose the according to this list-
    • X-Stiff Flex- Swing Speed above 105mph
    • Stiff Flex- Swing Speed between 95 to 105mph
    • Regular Flex- Swing Speed between 85 to 95mph
    • Senior Flex- Swing Speed between 75 to 95mph
    • Ladies Flex- Swing Speed below 75mph

  • What is the best loft for ladies’ drivers?

    The best loft for ladies’ drivers is between 10.5 – 15.5. It depends on your experience and swing speed. If you are a beginner, you should use a higher loft. If you have a good swing speed, you may decrease your loft according to your need.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best golf driver for women among them is a difficult task because every golfer has her their views. But, according to research and experience, I will prefer Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Driver.

If you agree with me, make sure to check it out on amazon and try your hand on it.

It fits best in all areas of a good driver. The material used, design, adjustability, forgiveness, loft, etc., makes it one of the best drivers. The technology used gives the maximum clubhead speed and distance to the golfer from the tee. It will provide the farthest distance and accuracy among all the clubs.

Good luck! Hopefully, this guide has helped you in choosing your dream driver.

Let me know your views and thoughts in the comment section.

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Happy Golfing.

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