Golf has evolved as golf drivers have. We have seen an evolution in golf drivers from wood to titanium, and some of the golf drivers in the last decade are still the best.

Using the best golf drivers of all time will kick start your game. These drivers will help you improve your game in many ways because they are the best in the game.

List of the best golf drivers of all time:

Best golf drivers of all time

Here is the quick comparison of all the golf drivers I have selected and compared them to choose the one for you. 

Sl NoBest Golf DriverOur RatingCheck Out
1TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver4.6 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
2Callaway Rogue Driver4.5 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
3Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver4.5 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
4King Par TEC Plus Driver4.1 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
5Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver4.0 out of 5Check Price on Amazon

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

Taylormade RBZ Black driver is on the market for a few years. Taylormade makes high-tech and high-performance drivers, and RBZ black is no exception. It comes with new driver technology and still costs you less than some new drivers. 

The versatility and forgiveness of this club made it a secret weapon for beginner to low handicap golfers. It has many benefits that aid in your game. It is a high tech club with a moderate price range.

Check Price on Amazon

This driver is designed to increase your performance. It has a 460cc clubhead with an Ultralite titanium core and speed pocket. Ultralite titanium core helps to create a higher launch angle and provides extra forgiveness makes it best for off-center hits. Speed pocket is in the driver’s sole, and it reduces the spin that helps to cover more distance. 

It has an adjustable hosel that helps to create a loft setting. It allows you to control your shots’ height. It helps you to give your best according to your handicap and weather conditions. 

It has an eye-popping satin black finish and a clear mark for alignment details for high contrast. This club will make a great impression. It comes with the stock shaft option, Matrix 45×4 white tie graphite shaft. It has the option of a regular stiff and senior shaft. 

• Adjustable hosel
• Ultralite titanium core
• Speed pocket
• Headcover included
• One of the best selling driver
• Smaller sweet spot
• Some golfer feels the difficulty in aligning the ball due to exterior color design

Callaway Rogue Driver

81QRCr%2BTc%2BL. AC SL1500

Callaway has a history of making the best and successful driver, and its rogue follows the same. It has the features that replaced the epic driver.

It comes with the well-known jailbreak technology of Callaway. It is 25% lighter than its previous version, and it makes the structure more rigid by joining the crown and sole. This feature helps the driver to return more energy to the ball on hits. Jailbreak technology allows us to increase ball speed. Thus, the ball covers more distance.

Check Price on Amazon

Its aerodynamic hourglass shape makes it lighter with the same strength with lowered weight. It is stretched and Boeing aerodynamic, which improves the airflow. It helps to increases the swing speeds. The VFT face is lighter and faster, making it more marvelous than ever before.

Its new ”X-Face” design is made by testing one hundred and seven different impact locations on the clubhead. Callaway collected the data of most and least stress at impact. It is used to design the clubface’s thickness, which varies according to the pressure at impact. The thinner face flexes more on impact and adds more distance.

Its optifit hosel consists of adjustable loft and lie combination. It can create up to eight possible combinations. 

Callaway offers a large selection of complete range shafts with multiple weights. It has three flex options regular, stiff, and senior flex:

  • Quaranta, 40G
  • Synergy, 50G
  • Synergy, 60G
  • Even Flow Blue, 60G
• Jailbreak Technology
• X-Face Technology
• Triaxial Carbon Crown
• Boeing Aero Package
• Optifit Technology
• Premium Shafts
• Limited MOI Adjustability

Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver

71jq06YXIEL. AC SL1500

Cleveland has quietly been making great golf clubs for years now. They have made drivers, which can give a quick fix to common swing mistakes. The Launcher HB Turbo drivers also continue the quality of golf clubs by Cleveland. It is lightweight, fast, and forgiving. 

This driver has four main types of technology. It is easier to launch, increasing ball speed, and giving higher and straighter drives. 

Check Price on Amazon

The new turbocharged cup face provides increased ball speed and greater distance across the face. This new variable face has a higher COR over a larger impact area. The HiBore Crown is redesigned to lower the center of gravity position by 2.2mm. It features a step near the club head face and aerodynamic strikes, which helps in optimal launch conditions.

It has deep weighing done by placing more mass down the sole, which increases movement-of-inertia(MOI). As a result, it delivers more ball speed and increases forgiveness. It has an ultralight hosel without any adjustability features. These features make it an excellent club for someone who prefers a lower center of gravity instead of adjustability. The reduced weight is redistributed low and deep in the head. As a result, it delivers a higher launch and more forgiveness.

A specially designed Mayazaki for HB turbo driver has a center of gravity located higher in the grip. It provides increased MOI with additional head mass without affecting the center of gravity.

• Turbocharged Cup Face
• Redesigned HiBore Crown
• Deep Weighing for Speed
• Ultralite Hosel
• Counterbalanced Shaft Design
• Higher Launch and Forgiveness
• No Adjustability Features
• Grip is Little Slick

King Par TEC Plus Driver

51uRGeC849L. AC SL1200

If you are looking for the best cheap golf driver of all time, then the king par TEC plus is an excellent choice. The king par TEC plus driver is a driver for beginners and amateurs to get the confidence on the tee. 

It is a 460cc clubhead, the maximum size allowed by USGA. It has titanium matrix construction, creates a large sweet spot. It makes the driver more forgiving. The TI Matrix makes it a highly durable driver and increases forgiveness by combining it with the graphite shaft. 

Check Price on Amazon

This driver delivers maximum COR. COR is the efficiency of the energy transfer from the clubface to the ball on a hit. Higher COR means the higher amount of energy transfer, generated by the club’s swing, to the golf balls. It helps to cover more distance.

It has a strong graphite Xtreme Distance III Shaft, which is durable and light in weight. It helps to keep the overall weight of the club down and increase the swing speed and forgiveness.

The grip is made of soft rubber, making it super easy to hold. It gives you a firm grip without taking a lot of effort. Its slip resistance property prevents the slipping of the grip.

• Maximum COR
• Titanium Matrix Construction
• Durable Graphite Shaft
• Easy to Swing for Amateurs
• Comfortable and slip-resistance Grip
• Large Sweet Spot
• Cheap in Price
• High Flex Shaft
• Not Great for Pro and Experienced Golfer

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

81bgKTxr KL. AC SL1500

The PGX Offset Driver from Pinemeadow is a must-have offset driver. It has a 460CC driver clubhead that only weighs about 200g. This offset Golf club comes with offset technology that helps decrease the slice with a square face.

It produces extremely low spin, and with the help of high swing speeds, you can achieve a considerable distance.

Check Price on Amazon

This driver comes with RMOTO technology, which helps create high ball speed on the golf balls right across its clubface. Its anti-slice technology reduces slice on the shot. It has a square face at the impact that helps you to hit the ball for a longer and straighter shot.

It is the most forgiving driver from Callaway’s new driver because it comes with a deeper face. You can adjust the lie and the loft angle with its adjustability features in 8 different ways.

It comes with a matte finish. The matte black finish and white and green gives the driver a more attractive and appealing look.

This is the best golf driver for cheap that comes with offset driver technology.

• RMOTO technology
• Light in weight
• Very affordable in price
• Adjust the gravity core
• Comes with a large sweet spot
• Premium shaft with head design
• Outfit features with adjustments
• Golf club is quite stiff
• Shaft is a bit shorter

Questions and Answers

Questions Answers

What determines the best driver of all time?

The best golf driver depends on the golfer, their skill level, and techniques. The best driver of all time for the beginner is the driver with higher forgiveness with a massive sweet spot. It helps to straighten the off-center hits. Golf drivers with adjustability features that allow a beginner to find a perfect loft according to their golf swing. 
The golfer with a lower handicap will need fewer adjustability features. You will need the flex of your shaft for your driver according to your swing speed. If you have a higher swing speed, you will need a low flex shaft, and golfers with slow swing speed need a stiff flex shaft.

What degree driver hits the farthest?

If you are in high handicappers, then you need a 12 or more degree driver to hits the ball farthest. If you are a low handicapper, you will need a loft of about 9.5-degree drivers to hit the ball farthest. A golfer with a slow swing speed needs a higher lofted degree club. A golfer with high swing speed needs a low lofted driver.

Should I get a 9.5 or 10.5 driver?

You should get a 10.5-degree driver if you need to get the ball high in the air. The higher the loft, the higher will be the trajectory. You will need a 9.5-degree driver if you want the low trajectory. You will need to hit the ball in a low trajectory on windy days.

What is an adjustable driver, and is it truly useful?

Adjustable drivers are the drivers that come with any degree of adjustability. Mainly there are two types of adjustability features in the drivers. One is an adjustable hosel. It allows you to adjust the loft and lie angle. Another one is adjustable or moveable weights; it will enable the golfer to change the ball flight. Some drivers come with moveable weights for the draw or fade bias.
Now, come to the point, do you really need it?
If you are an amateur golfer or want to experiment with your game to make the most out of it, then adjustable drivers are made.

What makes a golf driver illegal?

Any golf driver that doesn’t follow the USGA and R&A rules are illegal. Mainly illegal golf drivers have high COR value or oversized. A COR value above 0.83 is illegal according to regulations. An oversized driver with the size of 460cc or above is also illegal. Other types of illegal drivers include anti-slice and extra-long drivers.

How long should a golf driver last?

A good golf driver should last at least four years. The longevity of your driver depends on how often you play and care for your drivers. It can last for a long time if you play less and make repairs. Back in the days, the drivers’ materials weren’t that great due to this driver used to last for a short period.

What should I look for when buying a golf driver?

Before buying a new golf driver, you should look at these features according to your skill level:
• Loft & Lie Angle
• Shaft Flex
• Shaft Length
• Clubhead Size & Shape
• Adjustability features
• MOI & center of gravity
Every golfer needs different features in a golf driver according to their handicap and skills. 

What’s the difference between drivers and woods?

The difference between drivers and woods is that “drivers” is the longest club in the bag. It has the most massive clubhead and least loft, whereas “woods” used to be made of wood; now, it’s made from metal. It has a higher amount of loft as compared to a driver. 
Woods are designed to hit the ball furthest but not as far as drivers.


Bottom Line

Choosing one of the best golf drivers of all time is difficult as there are many best drivers available in the market, but I have chosen the five best for you and reviewed them. Talking about the best golf driver, I have chosen the TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver.

This driver is forgiving and creates a higher launch with the help of its Ultralite titanium core. Speed pocket helps to reduce the sidespin and cover more distance. The adjustability in the loft is a cherry on the cake.

If you agree with me, make sure to check it out on Amazon and check its unique features to help you out on course.

Let me know your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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Happy Golfing.

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