Golf is a game you can play even in your golden years. It is hard to play golf with a regular driver as you are in your golden age, and you are not as fit and fast as you were in your 30s.

To play golf to the fullest, you will need some special drivers made for you only. To help you out, this guide on the best golf drivers for seniors comes in handy.

Can’t wait to read the full guide! Here is the list- 

#Best Golf DriversOur RatingCheckout
1TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver
(Our Top Pick)
4.6 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
2Taylormade M6 Driver4.6 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
3Cobra Golf Men’s King F9 Driver4.5 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
4Cobra F Max Superlite Offset Driver4.7 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
5Callaway Rogue Draw Driver4.5 out of 5Check Price on Amazon

Golf drivers for senior golfers

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

• Lightweight
• adjustable hosel
• Very forgiving and easy to hit

Check Price on Amazon

RBZ Driver is one of the top-rated and best drivers which gives higher launch and more significant ball trajectory. It is the latest high-tech lightweight and very well-made driver.

It has aggressive styling and power pack performance. It comes with an Ultralite titanium core that strategically places weight on the perimeter of the clubhead. Hence it is designed to provide a larger clubface for higher forgiveness.

It comes with the legendary speed pocket technology, reduces spin, and creates higher spin. It assists in covering more distance.

It has a larger sweet spot covering the whole face clubhead. It aids in reducing spin on the club, and it is better for senior players. Its adjustable hosel helps the senior player to get more loft on drives.

• Lightweight
• adjustable hosel
• Comes with sliding split weights
• Superb sound
• Very forgiving and easy to hit
• lack of adjustable weighting
• much stiffer than other golf clubs 
best golf drivers for seniors

Taylormade M6 Driver

61pp89naunL. AC SL1000

• Speed Injected Twist Face technology
• Covers great distance
• Easy to adjust

Check Price on Amazon

Taylormade M6 driver comes with speed inject technology, helps the golf ball to achieve more speed. M6 also has twist face technology, which improves off-center hits and decreases side spin. It increases the straighter shots. It helps in overall game improvement.

It has several adjustable features that can alter offset and high launch angle. This feature helps the senior player, and it is easy to use.

• Speed Injected Twist Face technology
• Covers great distance
• Easy to adjust
• Great swing speed and forgiveness
• Reduce side spin for better accuracy
• Very reactive face
• Doesn’t come with a cover
• stationary sole weight. 

Cobra Golf Men’s King F9 Driver

618o 6Suu2L. AC SL1000

• CNC milled face
• Speedback aero design technology
• Forged E9 face technology

Check Price on Amazon

It also has dual roll technology that helps achieve the longer distance by minimizing the gear effect on the ball.

Its clubhead face is CNC milled, making it faster clubhead to achieve higher ball speed and optimal performance.

It has two interchangeable weights 14g and 2g, and an adjustable myfly hosel. You can adjust your ball flight with this feature.

• CNC milled face
• Speedback aero design technology
• Magnificent aerodynamics and low center of gravity
• Forged E9 face technology
• MyFly adjustable loft sleeve
• No adjustable wrench. 

Cobra F Max Superlite Offset Driver

51SIWzVcJmL. AC SL1000

• Crown alignment features
• Lighter in weight
• Larger sweet spot

Check Price on Amazon

Cobra F-Max Superlite Offset Driver is great for seniors who can’t hit a straighter shot. It comes with a lighter clubhead, lighter grip, and lighter shaft to reduce a small clubhead weight. It brings a huge difference in the overall performance.

It has a titanium face with forged E9 face technology. It improves golf ball speed and distance. Its clubface has a great alignment design at the center, which helps positively.

• Crown alignment features
• Lighter in weight
• Larger sweet spot
• Non-adjustability. 

Callaway Rogue Draw Driver

81uRGLyc%2BEL. AC SL1500

• Jail Break Technology
• High club head Speed and Long Distance
• More Stability and Forgiveness

Check Price on Amazon

Rogue Draw driver comes with crown surface area and high-MOI shape with a larger address footprint which helps in more stability and forgiveness.

This golf club comes with the new revolutionary jailbreak technology with enhanced draw capability, which helps in high speed and also covers more distance.  It comes with draw enhancing weighting. as a result, You can move the center of gravity and improve the gear effect by adding weight to the heels.

Shaft by Aldila and Project X comes with Multiple Weights to Choose from 40g, 50g, 60g, and 70g weights. 

• Jail Break Technology
• High club head Speed and Long Distance
• More Stability and Forgiveness
• Draw-enhancing Weighting
• X-Face VFT Technology
• Shaft isn’t suitable for high-speed swing

Essential Things to Lookout in The Best Golf Drivers for Seniors

As we get older, we lose our strength and flexibility that requires most of the course. As a result, we won’t hit the ball as better as we used to do it before.

It is better to buy a senior golf club that assists you according to your abilities in this condition. Several things need to be considered while buying a new driver for the older players. The best driver for the senior golfers must fulfill some criteria to help them on the course.

The easiest way to make your game worst is to select a driver without looking for its key features. Please have a look at our guide for picking the best driver for seniors that helps every time! 


Most of the senior golfers want forgiveness in their club to get the benefit of it. Some drivers are made for great forgiveness, choose the one that suits your game most.

The majority of senior golfer has trouble hitting the ball center of the clubface. That’s why most senior driver comes with a large clubface help the golfer by reducing the sidespin. Drivers with the high Moment of Inertia, or MOI, are more stable clubhead and provide more forgiveness.

By choosing the right shaft with the right loft in balance, the forgiveness will be fine. If you are not choosing an adjustable driver, it is advised to choose a higher loft driver according to your swing speed. 


Choosing a driver that doesn’t have enough loft, is a big mistake a golfer can do. The loft depends on your clubhead speed. Suppose you have high swing speed, then you can choose the lower lofted driver. The lower the swing speed higher the loft should be.

Generally, a golfer with average swing speed is advised to choose the driver with 10.5 degrees of loft. Senior golfers have slower swing speeds, so it is better to starts no lower than 12-degrees.

It is not a hard and tough rule. You can go less than 12-degrees of loft if you have swing speed above 85-90 MPH. 

senior golfer


When you try to get the most out of each shot, the adjustability features help you experiment with your game. It is not essential to have features, but it comes in handy to dial the club according to your specific need.

Adjustability in a driver comes in two ways, adjustable hosel, and adjustable weight in the clubface.

By moving the adjustable weights, you can fix the draw and slice. By adjusting the hosel, you can adjust the loft sleeve to fix the ball height in trajectory. 


Your hand’s contact with the club will be on the grip, so it should be of the right size and good quality. The right grip will help you to maintain better control of the club.

The massive grip will add more weight to your golf driver, that you might not want. The lighter grip will not add any extra weight to your club. 


The shaft plays a vital role in your driver alongside your clubhead. So, choosing the right shaft is essential for your game. Things to look at before choosing a shaft- 

  • Weight
  • Flex
  • Length

It is better to go with a lighter shaft for the senior golfer to control the driver. You will swing faster with a lighter shaft; It will help cover more distance on the course. Flexibility is also an essential factor in choosing the shaft.

There is a Senior (A) Flex for the senior golfer with a swing speed of 75-85 mph. If your swing speed is below 75 mph, it is better to go with Ladies (L) Flex.

The long shaft will help you achieve a great distance, but you will lose control. The length of the driver depends on the individual golfer. you can replace the stock shaft with the best golf driver shaft.

senior golfer playing golf

Club Head Size and Weight

The maximum clubhead size approved by the USGA is 460cc. Most of the manufacturers make their drivers with 460cc clubhead. It helps to help increase performance. The large clubhead has a sizeable sweet spot and more forgiving.

The clubhead’s weight is also an essential factor. The lightweight drivers help the golfer with slower swing speeds. Optimal head weighing also increases forgiveness and affects your launch.

Some drivers have adjustable weight in the clubhead to get the most out of it and change the driver’s ability according to your day. 

Bottom Line

It is sometimes hard to admit, but all golfer experience reduction in their gameplay after a certain age. Choosing the best driver can help to gain those extra yards again.

I hope in this guide of Best Golf Drivers for Seniors. We have helped you to make up your mind to choose the best driver for you. All you need to do is know the basics of choosing a driver according to your swing speed and get the one with the right flex and loft.

You can go with any of our suggestions, but if you ask me, I will suggest you go with the TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver.

If you agree with me, then check it out on amazon and try your hand on it. It is one of the best drivers on the market.

This light in weight driver will help you get a higher launch and excellent ball trajectory. Its large sweet spot helps senior golfer by reducing the sidespin on off-center hits.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have.

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Keep loving; keep playing.

Happy golfing. 

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