Investing some money in the driver’s best golf grip will help you improve your game for sure. A handle of a driver is the palace where you can make big difference in your game by changing your grip. In this guide, I have reviewed five grips. We have included a detailed guide to help you buy the best golf grip.

Can’t wait! Here is the list:

golf grip
#Golf gripsOur RatingCheck Out
1Golf Pride MCC Plus44.8 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
2Winn Dritac Golf Grips Dritac 4.6 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
3Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G 4.6 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
4SuperStroke Cross Comfort 4.4 out of 5Check Price on Amazon
5Lamkin Crossline Grip4.5 out of 5Check Price on Amazon

Best grips for golf drivers

The following five grips are the best grips available in the market.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grip: Best Golf Grip for Driver

71ETMXA1PnL. AC SL1500

· All-weather surface
· Incredible surface texture on the surface
· Nice blend of softness and durability

Check Price on Amazon

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Multi-Compound is a multicolor perfect golf grip for drivers. Its colorful design attracts attention, available in red, green, blue, orange, and green. This could be an outstanding up-gradation for your golf driver that needs a new grip or wants the advantage of this grip.

This golf pride grip is built with durable textured material, prevents slippage or sliding. It helps to adjust the pressure. It is for the golfers who understand the pressure of their hands and its effect on the grip’s feel and performance.

The golf pride plus4 promises to help you improve downswing, reduce tension, increase power. It works well in all weather conditions. 

· All-weather surface
· Incredible surface texture on the surface
· Nice blend of softness and durability
· Comes in several sizes 
· High-performance material
· Some complaints of manufacturing defects

Winn Dritac Golf Grips Dri-tac Grip: Runner-up Best Grip for Driver

51O3EPNV9uL. AC SL1200

· All-weather grip
· Easy to adjust
· Squishy polymer grip

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This Winn Dri-Tac is quite a stylish and eye-catching grip. Its non-slippery surface texture absorbs all the vibration when you hit your driver for big shots. It gives plenty of shock absorption and smoothness. It is an all-weather grip and water resistance so that you can use it in any season of the year. 

It is lighter in weight, which makes it easier to carry. The texture in grip pressure points helps you to set the pressure of the shot. It is made of polymer, which makes it more durable.

It could be a perfect choice for you if you’re looking for great comfort. The manufacturers have used some distinctive elements to make it anti-slippery. 

· All-weather grip
· Easy to adjust
· Squishy polymer grip
· Cushioned feel produces less hand fatigue.
· Comes in the different grip size option
· High shock absorption rate 
· High price in comparison
· Some complaints of durability 
golf pride grip

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip: Best Wrap Grip for Driver

71Hh5Bv3gBL. AC SL1500

· Wrap style grip
· Pebbled texture enhances stability and control.
· Alignment technology 

Check Price on Amazon

Golf Pride is one of the well-known golf grips manufacturers. the golf pride Tour Wrap 2G Grip is also one of the best golf grips for clubs. It is at an affordable price and comes in all the possible sizes. So, before purchasing it, you must know which size is perfect for you. 

This golf pride tour wrap 2G has a classic look and hybrid construction with an alignment feature. It is a wrap-style grip, made of hybrid rubber that comes with a brushed cotton cord. It helps to prevent slippage and to slide off your hands in the golf swing.

This golf pride tour is perfect for you if you’re low on budget and want your driver’s ideal grip.

· Wrap style grip
· Pebbled texture enhances stability and control.
· Alignment technology 
· Cheapest grip
· Comes in plenty of sizes
· Not all-weather grip

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Grip- Best Comfortable Grip for Driver

51u%2BM YfzLL. AC SL1000

· Cross-comfort technology 
· Torsional performance
· Taper control technology

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SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Grip is made for the golfer seeking a great comfortable feel. It comes in six different colors, and four size option makes it more versatile.

It has cross-comfort technology, X-style textures on the surface. This feature makes it an anti-slippery. It delivers a more consistent surface texture throughout the grip. Hence it provides more traction. 

It has multi-layer construction, A soft, tacky outer layer, and a firm rubber inner core. In this combination, it offers extreme grip and stability from the outside. 

The tapper control technology helps the golfer even hand placement. As a result, a golfer can swing faster and square the clubface more naturally.

· Cross-comfort technology 
· Torsional performance
· Taper control technology
· Six different colors and four other size options
· Multi-layer grip construction
· Doesn’t come with tape
best golf grip for driver

Lamkin Crossline Golf Grip- Best Grip for Sweaty Hands

· Best grip for sweaty hands
· Better durability
· Partially corded

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Lamkin Crossline Golf is the best grip for sweaty hands. It is made of synthetic rubber, which offers good traction. It grips the hand in a better way and provides a firmer hold.        

It is designed all over the grip that looks like hashtags. These designs make it look like a corded grip, but it is not entirely. This gripping feature gives stability and lateral tractions. It works well with sweaty hands. It is an all-weather grip, works well in summer, winter, moisture, and sweaty.       

It has better durability; you may play two seasons with it.

· Best grip for sweaty hands
· Better durability
· Partially corded
· More stable and lateral traction
· All-weather grip
· Some golfers may feel it little hard

What to look for in golf grip

Before you start shopping around, you must know some essential things about the grip that might change your decision. The worst thing you can do is to use a grip that doesn’t suit your hands. It will worsen your game. 

Please go through our guide to know some essential characteristics and choose the one according to your game.


You need to make sure that your grip feels good while swinging the driver. It will help you to get more out of your swing. Golf grips can come with different types of traction- with corded, wrap, and rubber options.

Some best players in the world use corded grips. These grips are best to use in bad weather, which makes them easier to grip. The wrap grips are an upgrade from old-school leather golf grips. These grips are a combination of rubber and corded grips. The rubber grips are more for comfort and come stock with most of the drivers.

Material Quality

The quality of the golf grip material is essential to judge its durability and performance. The material quality decides the performance of the golfer over hundreds of hours of play. 

The quality material will be show resistance to wear over time. It also defines its durability which gives high performance over a long period. 

Grips are made to perform in certain conditions, good or bad weather conditions. Manufacturers produce grip with different types of material, according to the need of the golfer. Most golf grips are made of rubbers, cords, plastics, and various types of leather. You can choose one material grip according to your personal preference and need. 


Remember, all grip size doesn’t fit you. You can’t go with a random size for your golf club. It will ruin your swing and your game. The best way to buy a grip is to know the measurement of your hands. Get the best golf grip according to the grip size

There are four types of golf grips in the market: undersize, standard, midsize, and oversize. These grips can be used with tape to adjust according to your hands. They should fit perfectly on your best shaft for the driver.

So, get measured your hands, choose the grip according to it, and use tape if required.


The golf grips should come with the flexibility to adjust with different types of golf drivers. At times, you might want to use your favorite grip on other clubs. Adjustability will help you to do this with ease. 

There are a lot of grips available with adjustability features. There is no need to repurchase your favorite grip when you can use your old one. So, choose the grip with the adjustability feature to use it in separate golf clubs. 


The durability of a golf grip defines its performance over time. As it becomes old and starts getting signs of degradation, the driver’s performance will also decrease. The worst thing that can happen with a golfer is using a slippery grip on the course.

Rubber grips tend to get wear and tear quickly. Nowadays, manufacturers focus on the softness of grip, and earlier grips used to be made for the long haul. As a result, grips are getting wear-down quickly. The professional golfer follows the rule of changing the grip after every 40 rounds.


While choosing the best golf grips for your drivers, you most have to look for the features its manufacturer promises. The manufacturers add various types of features and functions for different kinds of golfers. 

It’s a personal preference that what you want in your grip. Do check for your convenient features. There are various features, including anti-slippery, comfort, and softness, water resistance, adjustability with other drivers, etc. Choose the one according to your requirements and need.


Your budget matters. You need to fix your budget before buying anything. Otherwise, you can get anything at any price range. It is not correct that you will always get a better grip with a higher budget. You can get some decent top-quality grips on a lower budget. Some cheaper products don’t come with durability, so they don’t even last for days. Some cheap golf drivers come with the same issue.

Keep on searching for the best grip for a golf driver. Decide your budget, look for features you want, select the option available in that range, and choose the one. 

Questions and Answers

Questions Answers

Do you use the same grip for drivers and irons?

yes, I use the same grip for my drivers and irons. if you use the same grip on all of your clubs, it will give you a consistent grip and give you consistency with each shot. you can use the different grips on drivers and irons if you want more draw in your iron.

How do you get the perfect golf grip every time?

I use interlocking grips to increase their stability; to do this, you start with the 10 finger grip and move your pinky finger in between the middle of your left index and middle finger. Then put your index finger on top of your pinky, making an “X” shape. It helps you to get the best hold on your club.

How should you grip your driver?

You can use a 10 finger grip or an Interlocking grip to hold your driver. if you are a beginner, you should use a 10 finger grip and use an interlocking grip after gaining some experience. 

What grips do most tour players use?

Most tour players use Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 Standard Grip. It has Tour Velvet Texture that gives it a classic design. Its Larger Diameter works great for Lower Handgrip.

Bottom Line

The golf handle is the part of your club that has to be most comfortable and efficient as you use it to grip. Changing your stock grip with the best golf grip for the driver will change your game dramatically.

All the golf grips we have covered in this article are best in their way. But if you ask me to choose one for you, I will go with Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip.

Check it out! To get the benefit of its excellent feature that will help you to improve your game.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have in the comment section. Like our guide? Feel free to give it a share on social media!

Keep loving; keep playing.

Happy golfing.

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