If you’re an experienced golfer seeking ways to improve your golf swing, this is the right place for you. We have covered all aspects of the golf swing for seniors.

After a hardcore practice of many years and manifesting for more than a lifetime, becoming a senior in golf is an arduous process, which surely needs a lot of patience, practice, and determination.

Still, once you reach the destination, the journey doesn’t end. Instead, it begins a whole new chapter of your career. 

Going to the senior rank is not the end, but maintaining it is the key and marinating the rank requires a different level of strength and determination. Yet, due to some injuries or any problems due to aging, a person might face some difficulties playing golf, but if you still have the nick for golf. 

Here, in this article, we look into how and what to do to make good and elegant swings for seniors.


Top 4 golf swing drills for seniors

The simple swing 

This drill is a fundamental swing to master, which legends like Fred Couples have used. It starts with very simple steps by keeping our head steady during the address, backswing, and follow-through. 

Now for details, a golfer needs to take the club back to the maximum where the wrist is in charge. This allows the club to point at the target quickly from the top.

The point to be noted is that the club has to be taken back as far as it is humanly possible for you where you have the control. 

After this, we need to remember to naturally maintain a 45-degree angle between one arm and the club, but it is not something to be super conscious about. Once the backswing and address are complete, we must remember to have a firm follow-through and hold it until the ball is on its way. 

Short backswing

This drill is another very simple yet effective swing in history and, if mastered, is one of the most reliable swings for any senior golfer. A short backswing is the one where the club stops the short in between for better control and effective shot. 


Due to the shorter distance between the club and the ball, the impact it has on the ball and the contact is pretty solid, but the key comes with ample practice, and once you can start the shot with the intended start-up line, you are halfway through.

To get more power in the shot, you must swing long, which helps a lot in a long drive. 

It most definitely works for the golfers who can’t balance the center of their clubface, yet it is a little hard to master since you need a lot of patience and tempo. 

The Ben Hogan swing

Another fundamental and simple swing named after the legend Ben Hogan is another swing type that is a cakewalk for seniors and is pretty impactful. This swing starts with keeping your elbow connected to your torso and starting with small swings. 

Once you get comfortable with the existing shot, you lengthen your swing while keeping the elbows and torso intact in the same schedule, speed, and tempo.

Once you go for the shot, your arms move behind you on the backswing and extend further on follow-through, and at the end, you add speed to it while swinging in power and lifting the heel in an involuntary motion. 


The drive

Also known as a Tee shot, it is a type of swing that helps the players make decent shots with super ease and is super common, sir. Having a good approach is a must in this shot. 

What you have to do in it is that initially, you need to stick half of the Tee into the ground around the ball and keep it straight. Now you need to place your driver next to the ball in a way that the top edge of the driver must be facing the ball and meet it at the midpoint. 

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and then address the ball. After this, you need to place and extend your arms in a V-shaped manner and then place the club’s head on the ground. 

Now you can swing your shot with proper strength, and remember to keep your non-master arm straight through the backswing and downswing. 

Improve golf swing for seniors with these simple tips

Herein, we will talk about a few tips that seniors need to focus upon more than the swings to impact their shots while still keeping healthy significantly.


Less backswing, more follow-through

One thing to note is that turning more to the back doesn’t technically add too much impact to the shot we drive. Instead, the power lies more in the follow-through. A poor follow-through will always have bad consequences. 

A huge turnback will not give you a distance, but a good follow-through will provide you with what you are looking for. Now, You can considerably improve follow-through by adjusting your stance by opening the front foot just about 30% wider, and you will see a change.

Shifting weight

Due to aging, you may lose the full movement in your body and flexibility, but sadly, this also has a bad impact on one’s turn and power, hindering the shots and swings.

The one way to eradicate this problem is to shift the weight on your back foot through the backswing and reverse the shift down through your follow-through. 


Favoring the chip

It is somewhat better to prefer to run the ball in than to unleash a proper shot unless there is an obstacle stopping you since it is easier to control. And it is vital to take a proper good posture that is good for your body’s health and prefer standing tall than leaning.

Remember keeping comfort a little more priority is relatively more important at this age. 


To conclude, It is a pretty simple fact that playing golf does need sheer determination and not necessarily extreme strength, yet it is simply possible for seniors to play golf how they want while still not letting their health take a hit.

The swings, as mentioned earlier, and tips are a few points that’ll help keen senior citizens play golf whenever and at whatever age they want. 

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