Golf is a game for elites, a game so weirdly enticing that if someone likes it, they’ll be obsessed with it, or else they won’t even bear to hear its name. Still, for those who play, It sure is a dirty game. 

Knowing how to clean a golf bag thoroughly is important. In this guide, I will show you the best way to deep clean everything in your bag with eight simple steps.


Unlike baseball, football, or other such games, everybody knows that this game involves a huge chunk of accessories filled into the golf bag up to the brink. The players have to roam around with those giant bags all inside the golf course catching dust, sand, mud, grass stains, and whatnot that don’t just go with these leather carriers. 

Therefore, it is important to clean those golf bags regularly to avoid any withering and give them a long-lasting life. So, here are some steps and tips to follow in cleaning your leather companions.

How to clean a golf bag?

These are the materials required for cleaning a golf bag:

  • A dish soap
  • Stain remover
  • A clean cloth
  • A rag
  • A water source

Now we will see a step-by-step process to clean your bag.


Emptying the golf bag 

The very first step is relatively self-explanatory. It would be best if you emptied your golf bag to clean it, but make sure that all the pockets of your golf bag are empty, do give a thorough check of your golf bag before moving further.

Dry-wipe the inside of the bag

The next step after emptying your bag is to clean the bag with a tag or dry wipe to push out any dust chunks or grass pieces inside your bag. This would require a thorough wiping with your dry rag through your bag’s pockets, or else you can use a vacuum and move it around the bag to suck out all such particles discussed above.

Light washing of the golf bag

Now, this is where water comes in. Once you have dry wiped your bag of all the chunks and crumbs, you need to clean your golf bag with water. 

You can spray water on it using a bottle, run it under running water in a sink, or use a hose to clean it with blasting water, which depends on the intensity of dirt on the bag, quality, and material life span erosion of the bag. In these cases, you need to judge yourself on what type of water cleaning process your bag demands.


Scrubbing with a dish soap

Once you’ve got your bag wet, it is time to use soap, just like while bathing. The only difference is that you need to apply the dish with a clean cloth where you have to apply the dish soap (a little dab) to the clean cloth and then gently scrub the bag with the soapy cloth on the places where it has stains on it. 

And do remember that do not use a dark-toned cloth to clean a white-colored bag to protect it from losing its color, shine, and beauty.

Rinse the golf bag

In this step, you need to keep the golf bag under a heavy amount of running water to thoroughly clean the dust and stains with the soap on the golf bag, which is not possible to achieve using a spray bottle of water since this step involves a thorough cleaning of the golf bag. 

Make sure that all the dust and soap are completely cleaned with the ample amount of water used, or else you will be left with a slightly discolored and dirty golf bag to take to the next golf match.


Scrub with stain remover

Now once you have cleaned your bag with water, you need to give your bag a well thorough inspection to check for any stubborn stains remaining on the bag. And if you do find any, you need to use a stain remover which you can spray on the bag to apply it and wipe it away, or you can also use a brush to scrub the stain remover to clean away the stain with a maximum effort. 

Still, you can also use a simple, clean cloth to wipe it away. Remember this step is optional for only cases where you are left with any stubborn stains on your beloved bag. 

Use water to rinse away the stain remover.

Dry time

After applying stain remover and cleaning all the stains, it is time to dry the golf bag, just like other clothes, in the daylight or overnight. In this step, you need to remember one thing: keep all the pockets open and dust the bag off to squeeze out any excess water in the bag. 

Then prop the bag upside down in a straight position to dry it out entirely completely, and do not keep it under direct sunlight since that will fade away the color of the bag. Instead, dry the golf bag in the shade, or you can keep it for drying overnight.


Applying protectant spray

The above steps are sufficient to clean your golf bag. Still, if you want to retain the shine of your golf bag, you need to follow this step. Invest a little, and buy a material-specific protectant spray for your golf bag, depending upon the material. 

These protectant sprays protect your bag from dust, stains, and other particles that can make your golf bag dirty and keep your golf bag in excellent shape by blocking any wear and tear that it might otherwise have to face. 

So this is how you can keep your golf bag clean and become a better golf player by investing a little more in the life span of your golf bag and the accessories, which would motivate you more to up your game and play it better.

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