Shanks are the most irritating mistake a player can make in golf, and it gets onto your nerves when you’re in the middle of your super important game. For any ridiculous reason, your generally going excellent game gets ruined by a shank you took that changed the whole course of your match. 

Since shanks are the most significant disaster or blunder committed by a bit of miscalculation made by you involuntarily, this article is a little rescue for you to know how to fix a shank in golf and save yourself from embarrassment and self-loath. 

Golf shanks occur when the ball bumps into the hosel instead of the clubface.


Remember that it is okay to the shank in golf, which usually comes when you place the hosel of the club too close to the ball. The main trick to get rid of a shank is practicing, but there are tons of techniques to apply which will help you improve your shots.

How to fix a shank: follow these tips

The two balls trick 

Here, you have to use two balls and place them next to each, and now you have to aim for the former while you will involuntarily hit the closer one. The basic method behind this trick is to use the ball on the outside as a barrier to force you to change the swing and permanently fix the issue. This trick helps you retain your hitting method while giving your shots a certain right path to help improve your game and implement these improvements in other matches.


The three balls trick

This method is a derivation of the above technique where you have to place the balls a quarter-inch beyond the toe of your club. Now what you have to do is, you have to miss the balls while swinging a hit which will cause you to hit the correct ball with the hosel involuntarily. Make sure that you practice these tricks to get results.

Stay relaxed

The most crucial step in hitting the right shot is to stay relaxed. It is as essential as ridiculous it sounds, but the truth is that staying relaxed boosts your performance by a tremendous amount. Do not think about the golf shanks because the more you think about them, the more likely you will hit them. If you remove the thought of shanks in your mind, you will see the change.


Weigh on your heels

This mistake happens because they majorly keep their weight on their toes which causes them to fall. It is pretty evident that in swing, a player may keep their weight on the toes, which causes many issues in the club’s swing in the right way. 

Once the swing that causes shank is eliminated by putting your weight on heels, you can gradually move your weight from your heels to the back of your feet, which is even more beneficial.

Stand away from the golf ball.

Now people making a shank mistake are usually found standing too close to the ball, which is one of the reasons they hit a shank while swinging. You have to give the ball an appropriate space to get the perfect drive; therefore, it is recommended to stand farther away from the golf ball but not too much, rather just sufficient enough to have an ideal distance and ballroom for the shot.


Try missing the ball from the inside.

Another reason behind hitting the hosel and getting shanks is that you might be hitting the ball with the heel of the club you are using to hit the ball. In these cases, you have to practice a shot where you try to miss the ball from the left if you are right-handed or from the right if you are left-handed. This technique helps you build muscle memory that forces you to hit the ball from the right side.

Mental Break

Sometimes playing a little bad on your game for some reason may get onto your nerve, causing you anxiety and mental breakdowns, which will depreciate the quality of your sports skill and become more catastrophic than an occasional shank. 

So to perform better and not get a shank, it is sometimes advised to take a mental break to find your peace and find a better you to revive back in the game. This would improve your shank situation because fighting shanks can be mentally draining, and quite obviously, your brain needs some mental peace to work better. 

Yield performance, so sometimes taking a little mental break is recommended before returning to the sport and trying to get rid of the shank, which might be solved with your mental break. The only tip to return to the game is to restart the game when you direly miss the game.


Do not be embarrassed.

Do note that shanks are a part of your golf journey, and it is customary to face a shank until and unless you are giving your best to improve the game in you, so you shouldn’t be embarrassed by hitting shanks because it is pretty normal to face shanks in this game. Even big stars like Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas has hit many shanks in their life. 

So you shouldn’t loath yourself or count yourself a bad player since shanks are a common anomaly in a player’s career.

Bottom line

Remember that this article will help you understand all the techniques you can use to improve your game and avoid shanks and everything about them. It is advised to consult a coach who will help you improve your game by finding your flaws and mistakes and working on them.

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