Are you struggling to hit that extra yard in the course? Then this is the right place for you.

In this article, You will learn how to get more distance in golf. All the techniques mentioned are practical. In addition, techniques to increase the golf ball travel distances are covered.

Tips for how to get more distance in golf


Practice hard and succeed well

Moving the club fast is a great way to improve the ball’s traveling distance. Greater distance is possible when the club goes faster. 

Begin to practice strokes off the ground to do the same. Hold the club and place the clubhead at knee level. 

At the same height, swing the stick in back-and-forth oscillations. Then listen to the sound of air the stick produces. 

Find out how to produce the sound as higher as you can while remaining balanced. When you swing the clubhead faster, the greater the distance you will achieve. 

In this process, try to get the sound of the club as louder as possible.

Improve the backswing pace

Amateur golf players can improve their clubhead speed by increasing the speed of their backswing, which is one of the most important things to improve distance. 

It offers a handful of benefits:

  • The hip and shoulder rotation is often larger when the backswing is more powerful. It helps to extend the swing, allowing you more time on the downswing to develop pace.
  • A quick backswing requires a larger muscular contraction to slow down the club and body in transition. Consider a vertical leap. You wouldn’t lower yourself gently and then try to jump high to achieve your highest jump. Bounce out of the bottom immediately, as it helps lower yourself instantly by using long hitters.

Hold longer in your downswing.

On the downswing, the driver must make a vital power movement to keep the trail shoulder back extended while accelerating the arms, wrists, and club through contact. Unfortunately, most golfers use their torso to deliver the club to the ball and never use their arms and wrists to swing it. It’s almost as if they’re carrying the club rather than releasing it when it hits the ground.

It’s essential to keep the right body posture and start the downswing. This motion also holds the head behind the ball till the contact, enabling the ball to launch higher without much spin, which is necessary for ideal driver distance.

Correct your shoulder tilt posture

Adjusting your shoulder angle at the address to launch is one of the most basic ways to improve your golf shot distance. 

You should place the ball according to the length of your club shaft and the type of shot you want to achieve. 

Your shoulders should be at different angles. So, keep the height difference between your lead shoulder and your trail shoulder (maintain a slanted shoulder, lead towards up, and trail towards down).


It will allow you to have a good swing path with your driver, allowing your club to “smash” into the back of the golf ball and chase it away.

When you set up properly, your frame view will be slanted, and your head to be centered on your shoulders. 

It can make properly inclined shoulders appear unusual visually at first. But, remember, this is only a starting posture; once you’ve begun your swing, you can move athletically.

Proper usage of your wrists

It may be a major distance generator to allow your wrists to move after you’ve had it set up right at the address. In addition, a secure grip on the club should allow you to use your wrists throughout your swing, increasing clubhead speed and distance significantly. 

It is especially beneficial for women and elders who might not be very strong but can make tremendous progress in the distance with the help of the speed generated by your wrists.


Unlock your posture

Lack of flexibility is most likely to blame if you’ve lost distance and your ball speed has changed to a fade or perhaps a slice. 

Dropping your trail foot back for a few inches and flaring your toes out is a simple modification you may make to counteract this. These two techniques will help you in your swing path and add depth to your turn.

Proper placement of the ball

It’s necessary to modify the traditional fundamentals as you get older so that they meet your physical abilities. 

For example, shifting on your forward swing may be difficult, leading you to smash heavy shots. 

A simple remedy is shifting the ball back in your position and putting it closer to the bottom of your golf swing. 

However, we would strongly advise you to seek a good coach beforehand who can assist you in making minor adjustments without causing long-term effects on your golf swing.


Proper grip is the prime aspect

Grip fit is essential at all stages of the game, but it’s especially important as you get older and your hands become less powerful. A larger grip can help, but the most crucial thing is to choose grips that are the right size for your hand. 

A big grip can restrict your hand’s capacity to move and you’ll have issues if it’s too small. Hence, neither big nor small. Just get a perfect grip.


Therefore, these are the techniques we would like to suggest you improve the hitting pace as well as the traveling distance of the golf ball. 

We ensure that these techniques will turn out helpful for those who are looking for improvement in their performance.

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