If you want to hit the golf ball higher, you need to get your technique correct. This article will help you find a few ways to hit the ball higher.

Hitting a golf ball higher is not just about how hard you swing. You will need to learn the key principles of the golf swing to increase your 

In this article on how to hit a golf ball higher, you will learn about the angle of uplifting the golf ball into the air and hitting the golf ball far into the air. 

This article mostly focuses on amateurs to make them learn some tips to hit the golf ball higher. 


How to Hit a Golf Ball Higher with Simple Tips?

Before finding out the steps to play golf by hitting the ball higher, the player must first find the root cause of why the ball is not rising higher. If they identify this point, they can learn much easier and faster.

Some golfers move their complete bodies in the downswing when trying to hit the ball down. Then, the shot would be high and weak. 

If you’re having difficulties striking the ball high off the ground and believe you’re not pressuring the ball enough, here are some tips to help you strike the ball higher and better.

what is the right placement of a golf ball?

Some players make a common mistake about this. Some people place the ball backward and lean back slightly to lift the ball higher. Those people should understand that this is the main behind the ball not getting enough height. 

When you place the ball a bit forward, it could help you to hit the ball higher. Move the ball about half to two inches forward from the previous position of the ball you place. 

The other thing you must consider is that the ball should be below your left ear for a left-sided swing. This way, you can hit the shot higher in a downswing.


What should be the angle of holding the club?

Some players put their wrists way too forward while holding the golf club. That is not the correct way to hold the club while hitting the ball. They assume that, while holding the club in a slanting position, the golf club goes down in the downswing and raises the ball higher in the shot. 

What they have to do is, they have to just hold the club a bit straight.

How to grip the club for a higher shot?

This is a complicated thing in golf that most players don’t understand. Always try to grip the club firmly. Holding a club too tight and loose may lead to a bad shot; thus, it will not let you achieve the desired height.

Most people use a 10-finger grip to get a better shot. It is a perfect grip for hitting a batter and higher shot.

Touching the ground in a downswing

Some players assume that as down as the golf club goes deeper in the downswing, as high as the ball raises up. Then you are absolutely mistaken. 

When you hit the downside of the ball in the way the golf clubhead is touching the ground, the pressure of hitting it higher is not created at that point.

So what you have to do is, ensure the club head is not touching the ground. When the clubhead directly comes in contact below the ball, then the ball rises up, which results in a higher golf shot.


Hitting the ball down 

When you hit the golf shot way too down across the golf ball, the ball doesn’t raise up. This is also a common mistake. 

Actually, it also depends on the players standing posture. Pro players can do this in any body posture in golf. Hitting the ball across, the ball travels at a slower pace. 

So, it is better to avoid hitting the ball way too down. Practice the downswings harder in the air, and don’t let the golf club down towards the ground. This way, one can hit the ball higher and level up the ball’s pace. 


The suggestions mentioned earlier may undoubtedly help you play better than before. Corrections in all aspects are necessary to hit the ball higher. 

All the tips mentioned above may look easy to follow. The player must understand the importance of these tips and practice them harder. 

It takes time and patience initially, but believe in your hard work. Your practice, hardwork, and dedication will only help you reach your target.

Start practicing these tips and improve yourself by playing golf day by day.

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