One of the keys to staying focused on the golf course is to organize your golf bag. Playing good golf needs an uncluttered mind. Just think of it, what if you want to urgently find a spare tee or a ball but could not. 

Everything needs to be in the right place if you must accomplish the mammoth task of completing all the 18 holes.

Whether you prefer a stand-up cart or a handbag, you need to ensure that it is uncluttered and organized.


How to organize golf clubs  

First, the primary purpose of a golf bag is to hold all the different clubs and to make sure that they are kept in such a way that all the clubs are accessible. There is a universal rule when it comes to organizing the clubs, irrespective of the bag you possess. 

The longest club should sit nearest to the most extended section of the bag (near the spine) to provide maximum support. Keep on moving downward as well as decrease the length of the club.

how to organize golf clubs

Step 1:

Organize the club by its type. Most modern bags have four sections. They are divided into one at the back and front and two in the middle.

It’s a rule of thumb to insert the tallest clubs at the back and the shortest at the front to increase the clubs’ visibility and make it easier to access all of them at once.

Step 2:

Remember the above rule; you need to keep your woods, long irons, and ball retriever in the rear compartment. The left middle compartment is meant for middle irons, and the center-right compartment is for short irons. 

The wedges and putter are intended to be placed at the front end due to their short size. 

This rule allows maximum storage of 14 clubs, so you may need to reorganize and select the clubs accordingly.

How to organize golf balls 

how to organize golf balls

The most important part of a sport is the main types of equipment without which we cannot play the sport. In our case, it is the golf balls. 

A good golfer will carry as many as 10 to 12 extra golf bags. You can store these balls in one of the many deep zipped pockets in the bag. 

In addition, if the bag has a mesh pocket, it is a great idea to store the balls there as they are easily accessible and visible.

How to organize accessories and valuables 

organize accessories and valuables

It is golf etiquette not to waste time by looking for the things in an unorganized golf bag.

These all belong to the deep pockets available in the bag. The most frequently used items, such as spare tees, balls, etc., go into the top and front pockets of the bag.

The less accessible pockets are meant to store other goods such as lotions and sunscreens. The seldom-used items such as first aid kits and rain covers go in the least accessible back pockets.

If you carry an umbrella at all, it goes into the side sleeve of the bag, which is meat for it. Here the sleeve is open at both top and bottom ends which helps to store the umbrella, and it also has a loop at the end that stores the tip of the umbrella and keeps it from slipping off.

Other Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Golf Bag

make your golf bag perfect

Golf clubs don’t come cheap, so you must take care of them. Some ways we can do so are by using dividers, or club head covers so that the clubs don’t bang into each other and end up destroyed with almost no fault of yours.

When placing the clubs back into the bag after a shot, make sure that the heads are facing towards the ground and that their grips are not resting on the side of the bags or are in any kind of contact with other grips. 

It will stop them from clashing with each other and thus help keep the golf clubs in prime condition for a long time. 

Perfect maintenance of the golf bag

perfect maintenance of the golf bag

It is essential to organize a golf bag perfectly; it’s also important to buy the correct one. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining the clubs and other things we usually store. 

A good bag should also be able to be comfortable to carry. Hence a good shoulder strap with a lot of padding is a must. It is very important as having a heavy bag of clubs around will negatively affect our bags. Therefore a bag with good support and additional padding is a must.

You can get some golf bag storage ideas on Pinterest


Organizing your golf bag ultimately comes down to your personal choice. There are recommendations on storing all the clubs and spare parts, but it always comes down to your preference and what you think will help you play better golf.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have in the comment section. Like our guide? Feel free to give it a share on social media!

Keep loving; keep playing.

Happy golfing.

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