When I was younger, I used to think that if I move my legs a little more or bent my knees more, it was a proper stance and would help my golf swing. The only thing I ended up with was a sore back.

Let’s face it. Getting a proper golf stance isn’t easy in a golf setup. Your hips and knees are set at 90 degrees. Your legs are slightly bent. Your spine is straight. Your arms are close to your chest. And the rest of your body is relaxed. 

It is just the beginning. It takes hours of practice and consistency to get that correct golf stance. 

If you want to swing the golf club more fluidly, you need to get a good golf stance. And if you’re looking to increase your golf game, we’ve got you covered!

Keep reading this guide and start working on your perfect golf stance today! 

What Matters the Most for Perfect Golf Stance

We’ve covered different golf stances for different clubs. The stance can change according to the length of the club.

We will consider the following factors while discussing the perfect golf posture for different clubs:

1. Golf stance width
2. Ball position
3. Distance from the ball 
4. Set your toes
5. Balance /Weight distribution

What Stance is Best for Golf Driver?

The driver is the longest club in your bag so the stance will be wider. A proper stance for the driver can give you a great hit and a great distance.


Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. golf stance width- Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. The outside of your shoulder should be in line with the outside of your feet. Keep your knees flexible from the start of the set to the end. The goal of the golf stance is to be comfortable while swinging the golf club. Therefore, you should adjust your stance to get comfortable.

2. Golf Ball position- With the driver, you should place the ball near your left heel. If you place the ball in the center, you’ll hit the ball more in the downswing and won’t get the desired distance.

3. Golf ball distance – You should be able to hit the ball comfortably from the proper distance. Try not to stand too close to the ball. You can judge it by looking at your arms. You should be able to hang your arms comfortably at the correct distance. If your arms reach out to hit the ball, you may be standing too far from it. If you’re standing too close to the ball, then your arms will be too close to your upper body.

4. Balance /Weight distribution- You should keep your weight distributed evenly between both legs to get the best out of your golf driver.

What Stance is Best for Fairway Woods

You can get more power and performance from your woods by practicing the correct technique. After the driver, the fairway wood is the longest golf club in your bag. The stance will be kind of similar to the driver.


Here are a few things to consider when using fairway woods:

1. Width of stance- Generally, Your feet should be slightly wider than shoulder length. The proper stance you use with fairway woods depends on where you are using it. If you are hitting it from the fairway, you want your stance to be slightly narrow than hitting from the tee. 

2. Ball position- with longer woods, you should place the ball inside the left heel. If a talk about shorter woods, you should get the ball bit further back.

3. Golf ball distance -the distance from the ball depends on your comfort. Try not to get too close to the ball or too far from the ball. Doing so will create mis-hit.

4. Balance /Weight distribution- You should balance the weight distribution in each leg to get a better golf swing path with your Woods.

What Stance is Best for Hybrid & Irons?

The proper golf stance for hybrid clubs will be the same as the long irons because they are the replacement of long irons. The stance will be slightly different for hybrids, but it will not be too different. The stance will also depend on your height and golf swing type.


Here are a few things to consider when using fairway woods:

1. Width of stance- A good golf stance posture for hybrid and irons should be one where your feet are shoulder-length apart. It will enable you to hit the ball with a straight trajectory and avoid any twisting of the hips, which may cause a mis-hit.

2. Golf Ball position- For long irons and hybrid clubs, aim the ball position to be slightly forward of center. While for short irons, place the ball in the center to encourage a higher shot. ​

3. Golf ball distance – It’s essential to get the distance from the ball right because it impacts the timing. If you’re too close and too far, you might mis-hit.

4. Balance /Weight distribution- The weight should be distributed equally between both feet and be ready to transfer when you start your golf swing.

An excellent way to make sure your weight is distributed correctly is to imagine a line going through the middle of your torso and down through both legs. It will help keep the weight balanced and ready for quick movement when needed.

What Stance is Best for Wedges

The proper stance for golf wedges is narrower than that of other clubs.


Here are a few things to consider when using wedges:

1. Width of stance- A golfer’s stance is an essential aspect of their golf swing and can affect the distance and accuracy of their shot. The golfer should also ensure that their feet are slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart for contact with the clubface.

2. Ball position- The golf ball should be positioned in the middle or slightly back of the stance. It would be best if you tried to get a descending blow when you hit the golf ball.

3. Golf ball distance – Your unique needs determine the distance from the ball. You should maintain a comfortable distance from the golf ball to allow for the creation of quality golf shots and a reduction in the occurrence of mis-hits.

4. Balance /Weight distribution- The weight distribution between both feet is essential for the golf swing. You should equally distribute the weight between the two feet, which will help generate more power.  

What Stance is Best for Putters

Golf putting is a challenging game that requires a lot of practice to perfect. You may find that standing with your feet together helps you the most.

The most common golf posture is to stand with your feet together and your knees bent. Putting stance allows you to use your entire body weight to strike the ball.


Standing with your feet together can be advantageous for beginners because it allows them to use their entire body weight when they strike the ball, which helps them learn how to putt better in general.

Some golfers prefer to turn their toes inwards during the putting stance, which can help to make for a more efficient putt.

When it comes to putting, having the correct golf stance is extremely important to ensure that you have the best possible chance of success. It is essential to get a comfortable golf posture and align your upper spine to help you hit the ball with as little effort as possible.

Open Stance Vs. Closed Stance vs. Square Stance

I will explain these stances by taking the example of a right-handed golfer. 

In an open stance, the golfer chooses to stand with the left foot slightly open. Your body and foot face the target in an open stance.

In this stance, the target line is closer to the right foot. This stance is used when you intend to hit a fade shot.

In a closed stance, the golfer stands with their right foot slightly dropped back. Their body and the toe of their left foot sort of block the target.

In this stance, the target line is closer to the front foot. This stance is used when you intend to hit a Draw shot.

In a square stance, you keep your feet parallel to the target line. This normal stance is the most commonly used stance amongst the golfer.


Correct Golf Posture Drills for Proper Golf Stance

Following the three-step drill will help you to improve your golf stance. This drill improves the basics of the stance and gives you the confidence to improve your stance.

First step:
In the first step, we will work on our stance and grip. Begin with the position of your feet. Stand still by keeping your feet apart as per the length of your club, as we have discussed this thing earlier.

Take your club with the perfect grip and extend your club in front of you. Make sure your arms and club are parallel to the ground.

Second step:
In the second step, you have to drop your arms and rest them on your chest and knee flex for a couple of inches.

Third and last step:
In the last step, start bending forward from your waist by keeping your back straight. Keep on bending your waist till your club touch the golf ball.

This drill will give you a better golf stance and desired swing path. 


Bottom Line

The takeaway from this article is understanding the proper golf stance. Understanding how to achieve the proper golf posture and stance will help you hit your ball straighter and further than you ever have before.

Learning how to maintain a proper golf stance is an essential part of the game. You can strike the ball more effectively and become a better player with a good stance.

An improper golf stance is like walking for miles with your shoes on the wrong feet; it’s uncomfortable, challenging, and won’t get you very far.

I hope that our article on how to get a perfect golf stance will help you improve your golf swing and give you better results on the golf course.

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