New golfers constantly run to find a reliable kit but finish buying the most expensive one that didn’t help them improve their game. Today, we have Tour Edge Bazooka 470 review for mid-handicappers and beginners. 

Tour Edge recently launched their Bazooka streak for beginners and mid-handicaps, which has already become very popular. We have tried and tested the complete set for you. Let us have a look at key takeaways.

Is Tour Edge Bazooka 470 a good choice to buy?

It is the ideal complete set for a golfer who is new to the game or only plays a few rounds per year and does not want to spend much money on new clubs. These clubs are fantastic, and they’ll suit many golfers looking for a technical upgrade at a reasonable price. 

This Tour Edge Bazooka review will elucidate what you will get in the complete set, their performance, the pros and cons, and an alternative you can consider. The review would assist you in making the buying decision.  


Tour Edge Bazooka 470 complete set Overview

Tour Edge Bazooka 470
  • Lightweight
  • Long driver for extreme forgiveness
  • Loaded with beginner-friendly features
  • Affordable

Tour Edge sets its products with premium quality finishing and styles that look more dashing and stylish. If we talk about Tour Edge, Bazooka 470 complete set’s advantage, its premium quality built facilities, is the prime. All the equipment used to make this product is high quality and ensures long-term uses. 

The new Bazooka 470 Black Total men’s package set features all-new, more aerodynamic head designs with the perfect Center of Gravity to make each stroke on the golf club easier to hit. With this Tour Edge, Bazooka 470 golfers can play any shot easily with perfection. In addition, the set is very lightweight such that beginners and seniors as well can easily handle this. 

  • Lightweight, apt for seniors
  • Long driver for extreme forgiveness
  • Loaded with beginner-friendly features
  • Affordable
  • Elegant design
  • High inertia aids in covering more distance
  • Advanced Aerodynamic club heads
  • Cheap quality kit bag
  • Only available right-handed

What you can find in this complete set


We begin with the Travel Edge Bazooka 470’s driver, as is customary. The high moment of inertia face material on this 460CC, 10.5 driver. For beginners, a high moment of inertia is ideal for reducing twisting during impact, wasting clubhead speed, and reducing distance. It will help you hit the ball straighter and with more power, regardless of how you set up the tee.


Fairway Wood

It comes with two fairway woods: a 3 and a 5. The loft of the three woods is 15 degrees, whereas the loft of the five woods is 19 degrees. The beauty of these woods, on the other hand, is in the design of their heads. They have significantly more thermodynamic properties than other types of beginning wood. As a result, they look to maintain as much swing speed as possible, and the shallow face design helps keep strokes accurate even at high lofts.

Irons steel

It has larger haircuts, border weighting, and a center of gravity in the lower corner of the head. That adds to increased forgiving, even for the most heinous of lies. In addition, you’ll get irons 6-9, which have 32, 36, and 41 degrees lofts, respectively. These irons’ larger blades (wider) effectively expand the sweet spot for better off-center outcomes.


Including its strengthful length of gravity face, the putter completes the set. A mallet-style head stresses accuracy and feel above anything else. We were blown away by how cleanly we were ready to comprehend, even on shorter shots, when we tested the putter.



The #4 and #5 hybrids are included in this set. For improved accuracy and sound, these hybrids have a shallower face. These hybrids are, on the whole, a breeze to hit. They are available in 22 and 25 lofts.

Key features

Player Handicap

One of the things we like best about this Bazooka Golf Club set is that everyone, from a beginner to a mid-handicapper, can use it. With a combination of fairways and hybrids, the Bazooka Tour Edge 470 contains all the golf clubs you’ll need to excel in this game.

Shaft Options

This complete set does not allow the user to customize the shaft. Originally the woods came with a graphite shaft, while stainless steel shafts will be used in the irons. The shaft weighs just 55 grams which makes it also suitable for seniors. The Uniflex shaft has a high launch and 4.2 torque.



You’ll get a stand bag with standard steel shaft irons or a premium cart bag with graphite shaft iron. 


The 460 cc driver is pretty big. Even if you miss the clubface center on the driver, this golf club will provide plenty of distance. The irons have a wide sole and a low center of gravity, making them easier to hit. The three and five woods, too, have a slightly offset shape to aid in getting the ball straight down the fairway. The set is a tad on the light side in terms of weighing. You might wish to look into a club set with even more durable stainless steel shafts than these if you have a quick swing speed or are extremely strong. 

golf ball and golfer

Less expensive 

Tour Edge golf clubs are less pricey because they use various marketing and business techniques to appeal to budget-conscious golfers. If you’re one of these players, the Tour Edge line is worth looking into. Furthermore, if you’re seeking individual clubs that aren’t part of the Tour Edge set, you might be able to get them custom ordered at a reasonable price through the Tour Edge website. Many golfers want custom-fit golf clubs that require buying something brand new from a reputable manufacturer.  


Alternative of tour edge bazooka 470

You can check out the alternative of Tour Edge Bazooka mentioned below once- 

Tour Edge Bazooka 370

Tour Edge Bazooka 470 alt 1
  • Lightweight bag
  • Cheap in price
  • Comes with Uniflex and senior flex

Unless you’re a younger player who likes the 470’s extensive feature set but isn’t sure if you want to spend a lot of money, the 370 is a great choice. These clubs feature a more powerful chin than your current clubs, allowing you to gain a little more height. This set comes with a driver, 3 and 5 woods, 4 Hybrid, 5-SW, and a putter. Except for one extra iron and one fewer hybrid, the set is comparable to the Tour Edge 470. Steel propellers are still provided, as well as a light support bag.

  • lightweight bag
  • The price of this kit is less than Bazooka 470
  • Perfect for the new golfer. 
  • The Shafts of this product are not quite as strong as 470


Hopefully, this Tour Edge Bazooka 470 review has given you a better understanding of what these clubs can do for your game. It cannot be easy to choose a set of clubs. Some of you may have a favorite driver, but your irons aren’t suitable for your game. Another might have excellent short-game tools but poor long-game tools. It is an excellent choice because it offers a high-quality product for long and short games. This set is one of the greatest deals on the market with the 460cc driver, stainless steel-shafted irons, and the soft and great-feeling putter. You can purchase this product from any online shopping website. 

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